Reunions to come

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I've been ill for too many days now. Ain't it a prick, the basic cold, you feel like shit, but really, you're not allowed to pity yourself or leave things undone, as in the end, it's just a cold. Anyways, I've been taking advantage of the days spent with this twat called cold who maybe invited "the slight temperature" to join for a day or two, by watching some classics. So I watched Casablanca and The City of God. Terhi from Scandinavian Music Group sings in one of their songs about Casablanca. She says, "the war is over, go back to Paris!" Me personally, I was happy with the ending as it was.

Another film that I watched was the Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. That movie is as long as its name is (153 min). And I did fall asleep after 1,5 hours, but I blame my temporary health condition for that. Not that the movie would have been too intriguing though. The narrator was very good however, almost poet-like, I'd say. And nothing wrong with Brad Pitt either. I actually got this dvd from a friend who was moving from a country to another and didn't know where to put all his stuff. Remembering this, I started to think about the disadvantages of living in different countries and having friends around the world. I can be extremely happy that I know so many great and amazing people, and I would never regret making friends with these people. Even if I knew already when I met them for the first time that I may never see them again. But still. Ain't it annoying?

Last week we had a class reunion with the people I went to school with when I was 13-15 years old. So funny how people have changed though they're still exactly the same as they were 8-10 years ago.

Quite a nice scenery we had for the reunion. Even though not everybody was there, being able to meet people I last met 8 years ago, made me quite hopeful. Maybe there will be reunions with childhood friends, friendships you grew out of, with people from secondary school (good good times!), with people I worked with after secondary school, people I met during the first years at uni, those who stayed and those who dropped out. Not forgetting the exchange students. Or the friends of my ex. And the ex. People from the year in Lincoln. One of the best years of my life, I miss you guys. Work colleagues from Paris. My bf who's not in the same country. My bff who's not in the same country either. And the people I've just met during the last few months.

The following pics are taken from a rendezvous with uni people organised by uni admin last week. I was hoping to see more people I know, but at least it was a nice opportunity to photograph some people who will most likely be in my photos for many years to come.

Luckily there are always some people who move when you move!

Another thing that I hate when living in many places (and I haven't even lived in so many places yet!) is that you always miss those places where you're not. And when you go back you miss the place you just left. Paris me manque. One thing I will miss from Finland when  I leave again will be that notorious looking sea. Nothing like some turquoise coloured paradise pool, but I've never really enjoyed swimming anyway.

Sometimes people will move to a country next to the one you will be living in and it gives you an excuse to travel. Beware Antti and Besi in France (and my sis in Barcelona)... muahahhah.

Taking all these disadvantages into account, I don't think it will change the fact that, for me, there will be many more homes to find and friends to make. Home is where your heart is and maybe mine is happy in a few pieces :D There's a thin line between love and hate and that's how I feel about this situation. Getting ideas for a next tattoo trololol :P Just kidding. Maybe.

We're long distance even when we are right next to each other.

Maybe this cold has made me a bit light-headed, writing all these things. Don't take life too seriously. Let it be and laugh with it.

Hahaa, you made it all the way down here, good job! Btw, lately I've heard people telling me that they read my blog, which is so nice to hear. But don't be afraid to comment either, I won't bite, like you can see, I like everybody and miss everyone too! Muchos love x x x

p.s. The guy who gave me the dvd, I still have your dictionary too, the big and expensive one, feel free to ask me to give it back to you, if you want it :D