To the other side

Going to cross the bay to the west side on Thursday. Wondering if I'll be able to feel the disappointment in the air. Naa, we Nordics are survivors, they'll be over it by then! (Talking 'bout this if u didn't realise it already.)

Before my personal photographer took this photo, she reminded me that I should take the price tag off (yer, new hat, tadaa!). Thanks for the hint. I would have needed somebody to tell me that last time I was flying west. I had a new spring coat and only when walking up the stairs to the plane did I realise that there was something bright white hanging from my arm pit. The price tag! How did I not see that when I did the conservative striptease for airport security. And why on earth do they put price tags hanging from the armpit, when they could easily put them in the "inside neck part" and cause you only half as embarrassing situations (been there too).

Hopefully I'll also have some time to catch up with the above shown Stockholm city dweller aka my sister, pictured here in the very Swedish background.

After my last Stockholm visit I was a bit lazy and didn't post a proper city guide, so now I'll try to make up for that and show few photos from March. (The emphasis on the _ few, not a few.)

The food picture was taken at Vapiano.

Hmm, now that I went through my Stockholm photos from the last visit I realised that there are no good photos. Shouldn't make those hasty promises. Then I got the idea to steal Stockholm photos from my sister's facebook albums. But what a disappointment. No scenery or city depictions! All I got was this shot of a Swedish princess cake!

Te joilla on mennyt hermot maailmanmestaruuden hehkutukseen ja jääkiekkofanitus pursuu jo ties mistä, niin jättäkää suosiolla seuraava biisi kuuntelematta.

Jos joku sattui muuten aamulla kuuntelemaan radio NRJä pari minuuttia ennen klo seitsemää, niin saanko kommentoida että voi zii mikä kusipää. Siinä vaiheessa teki mieli mennä lankoja pitkin niinku se formulakuskin faija siinä mainoksessa ja vetää turpaan. Ja minähän olen muuten pasifisti ja kaiken väkivallan vastustaja. Mistä noita tyyppejä sikiää?

edit: Toivottavasti ylläoleva kommenttini ei johda syyteharkintaan tai poliisin tutkittavaksi kuten Suomessa joskus saattaa käydä. :D