The best restaurant in Helsinki... Gaijin. At the moment. In my opinion. And I know I said I wouldn't go out to eat this summer anymore. But this doesn't count as it wasn't me who paid for it.

Eating all that certainly fills you up.

This not so much. So going for some sushi doesn't count either. And only half of that was mine, so it definitely doesn't count. (I'm still not going to admit that I was just fooling myself when I said what I said a couple of posts back...)

Now I'm going to start packing. As if. Will do that in the morning. Leaving to London for the weekend.

Happy Midsummer everybody! I might just run off to Stonehenge to catch some Midsummer spirit as I suppose that's the only place in England where they appreciate the Midsummer, or if you wanna be technical, the Summer Solstice. This will be my first Midsummer outside Finland, and I'm not sure if I'll survive without my pagan rituals and festivities.

Take your shirt off for the summer.