Fligthless* Bird at Bassline 2011

*Domesticated turkeys don't know how to fly.

I have a very logical way of posting as these photos were taken on Saturday and my last post was about Sunday after this Saturday. Well, logical is not what I am anyway...

What I love about Helsinki in the summer is that there are all these free concerts and other events around the city every week. Last weekend we chose Bassline. There were some Finnish rap artists performing (including my fav boy, Juno) but to be honest people seemed to be more interested in just hanging out with their friends in the sun. And who would blame them with that weather!

Such a devoted photographer. Defying the danger of getting squashed under the sweaty feet of the passers-by.

Kuin raaka kalkkuna ruskettuneiden ihmiskehojen meressä. Tan is like a perm - not in fashion anymore!

Luckily this week started with a nice rainy and cold weather, feels a lot better to go back to work when you know that you wouldn't wanna be out anyway. Though I did manage to bring a small rush of heat(h) to the office anyway by googling images with the word "ledger" trying to understand what a horizontal timber in a scaffold, attached to the uprights and supporting the putlogs looks like and ending up having a screen full of Heath Ledger's photos - in an open office. "Yes, I am working, it is just this one translation job that I'm trying to finish..."

Niin se vaan joskus saattaa elämässä käydä.