Equality is everyone's business

Some photos from last weekend. I really do not understand why in some countries, like here in Finland, it is so difficult for some people to allow equal rights for all people. Nobody should have to carry a sign to remind some narrow-minded weirdos that getting legally married is not a privilege that only belongs to a certain group of people. In a civilized country, the laws should be equal.

Protect your child from Päivi Räsänen. I've always played with the idea of how my thoughts and opinions would be different if I was born in a different family where my parents would have brainwashed me to hate other people and fear diversity. I want to believe (and I actually truly do believe) that I would have still become and open-minded person.

There were also people marching for those who can't. Prejudices generate hate and violence against innocent people.

Mä haluaisin joskus oikeasti kuulla ja oppia minkä takia joistain ihmisistä tulee ihmisvihaajia jotka ei usko tasa-arvoon. Ja mistä ne kaikki ennakkoluulot ihmisillä kumpuaa? Keneltä se on pois jos Suomessakin kaikilla ihmisillä olisi oikeus mennä virallisesti naimisiin? Jos tiedät vastauksen niin kerro minulle!