How to solve a Rubik's Cube

Eli kuinka ratkaista Rubikin kuutio. Kerron sen hetken kuluttua.

J bought a new bag.

She ripped her jeans. It was not intentional even though it was a rather hot day.

Chicken Cesar.

Ja nyt siihen Rubikin kuutioon siis.

My friend T carries a Rubik's cube with him everywhere he goes. Just in case he needs to impress a woman.

To solve the cube you need to start by making a white cross. Or I dunno if the colour matters?

Then you put three of each colour next to the white part around the whole thing. Maybe the white side becomes like that automatically when you make those rows around?

I think this was the next stage, but I don't remember how you got here.

Then it looks like this, T explains.

And there it is! J is well impressed.

It was actually me who did it. I just gave it to T a few times during the process to have a better looking model for this "How to" guide.

No jos ihan oikeesti haluut oppia tekemään ton Rubikin kuution, ni suosittelen ehkä googlaamaan vähän selkeemmät ohjeet.

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