Seattle memories

Tomorrow me and my sister are gonna spend a few comfortable hours in a plane - heading to Seattle, Washington! Last time I visited Seattle I was blonde (= ages ago).

When in Washington state, wear Washington. (The shoes were not mine.)

One of the sights most of the tourists go to see in Seattle is the Pike Place Market.

And there one should go see the fish guys.

If somebody buys a fish, the guys start throwing it around the place for the guy who then finally packs it. And they also shout something while doing that. I once worked as a seasonal helper at a fish stand in a Finnish food store. I was never allowed to throw the fish around!

The Space Needle. For some reason everybody always mixes it up with Sears Tower. It doesn't look like Sears Tower at all! It's a needle, reaching to the space. Logical!

Some other things Seattle is known for:
- The first Starbucks
- Grunge music
- Frasier
- Grey's Anatomy
- Sleepless in Seattle (the only Seattle movie I could remember, but I'm sure there are many others too)

Oh, and one thing I love in Seattle, street artists and musicians in every street corner. And they're not torturing the accordion as too many of the so called street musicians on the streets of Helsinki...

And not to forget that Edward Cullen's hometown, Forks, is in Washington! I was trying to persuade my sister to go for a road trip to see some Twilight spots and maybe catch a glimpse of a werewolf, but she wasn't too excited about the idea. We decided that we'll drive to Vancouver instead, which is probs a lot more lively option.

Okay, maybe I'm not this obsessed with Twilight.

Kenelläkään kokemuksia Washingtonin osavaltiosta tai Kanadan Vancouverista? Olisi kiva kuulla muiden matkavinkkejä ja suosikkipaikkoja!