The best cafe-bar in Helsinki... Llamas. In my opinion. I once made a post about my favourite restaurant, so now it was the time to share my favourite bar. I like Llamas for 3 main reasons 1) interior decoration 2) interior decoration 3) free popcorn. And the interior decoration includes the swings by the bar.

A good thing about Llamas is also that you can get food and snacks. I'm always hungry and there's nothing that I hate more than a bar that serves only liquids. Which unfortunately is very common in Helsinki.

Llamas is open until 2am, so a perfect place for a relaxed night out or to be the first place before heading to the dance floors. On our way out I realised that I should take one more photo of the place if I wanna make a post about, and Tomi was not expecting this. At all.

After Llamas we were walking down Iso-Roba, and suddenly our English mate goes to say hi to some guy who's having a drink at the street terrace. Me and Tomi are like 'whaaat?' as this is the Englishman's first time in Finland, how could he know anybody here?? Well it seems that the guy at the terrace was his old friend from school (in UK) who nowadays lives in Norway and was on a weekend trip to Helsinki with his Norwegian girlfriend. Not random at all. So me being an excellent tourist guide, I took them all to Torni. The drinks might be a bit expensive there, but the view is worth it.

I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything before moving to London, but these shoes were awesome and had a 70% discount. However, after taking them out for the first time last night, I found out that you can't do downhill walking with them. And this is related to this post because the above photo is taken on Tempo's terrace, which is a bar on Kalevankatu in Helsinki (I was drinking only coke this time just to let you know by the way). And to keep the balance, after introducing two nice bars in Helsinki, I need to introduce one bad one too. And Baker's Tempo has a rude bar tender. I wouldn't say this after being to the place once, but this same bar tender acted like a dick last time when we went to the place, and that was like 4 months ago, so it can't be so that he was just having a bad day. It is a shame though, cos Tempo has live piano music and very nice bouncers, so it has a lot of potential to be a very nice bar. And then the bar tenders go and ruin the whole concept...