How do people find their way here?

I wasn't supposed to write anything before I actually have time to do it. Or something to say.
I don't even like Sprite but it suits my dress, doesn't it?

But the first page was looking so grey and gloomy that I wanted to add some colour for all you people who find your way here every day by googling "how to decorate a van" or "how to style an afro" or "skull bow swallow tattoo". I actually feel quite bad to disappoint people. They click a link on google with high hopes of finding some amazing tips from some pro van and afrohair stylist, and end up here. As I hate disappointing people and I love to help out, I have decided to actually make posts on the above mentioned subjects with some valuable content in them too. Now I was going to make a joke (referring to the riots) about decorating someone else's van when I get to London, but then I realised that I might end up in jail. But styling some afro hair should be more than possible soon. Just don't tell my bf about this plan yet.

I should have written the last two sentences in Finnish I guess.

When it comes to those who come here googling  or bow or swallow tattoo, you at least came to the right place. Just go through the posts and look at me. It's right there on one of my body parts!

And yes, it did hurt.

And no, it doesn't have a larger than life meaning, it looks nice and suits my profession.

And it cost me something like 300, to be honest I can't remember at all! 100 € per hour but I can't remember how long it took.

And no, I don't mind having a tattoo when I'm old and wrinkly. Why on earth would I care how my tattoo(s) look like at the age of 80 when my whole face is facing the laws of gravity anyway?

And yes, maybe one day I could get another one.

Those who came here googling costo hats, gaijin, transformable dresses, baker's sparkling wine, sushi bar+wine etc. please tell them that it's only because of me you ever even heard about these places and products.

No she's not promoting Sprite either. Even though it's the same can. It's my sister and sisters share everything.

...and last but not least.
The most common search words that are used to find my blog are Britannika and miss Britannika.

What can I say. It must mean that I'm famous.

High five for all you 8 loyal readers!