I dislike time travel

Happy to see 3 new readers after opening the blogger for the first time in two weeks! Welcome!

So I'm back in Finland after a trip to the States. Left my sister in Amsterdam on the way and got the KLM people at the gate very upset because of that. It's not the first time someone misses a flight so please just get over with it. And don't get mad at me for letting you know about it.

The trip was well nice. I met many nice people, went to a beautiful wedding, met some hc republicans and an Icelandic popstar, went to a rock festival and learned that international IDs are not okay in the US but passport is still okay (is it not an international ID then?), saw a countless number of badass pick-up trucks but never any stuff in the cargo bed area of the truck (maybe it's just there to catch the rain?), visited Canada, learned that my accent sounds Australian (though I've never even been to Australia), got attacked with snow balls and understood that Delta is not the most luxurious airline (you better know whether you want pretzels or peanuts cos you can't have them both!).

I also have about 600 photos of this trip, but 200 of them are on my sister's camera who is still not in Finland and the other 400 are on a camera that I actually have right next to me.. but I don't have anything to get the pictures out from the camera. And the memory card doesn't fit my laptop. I guess I need to rummage through my luggage once more...

I managed to stole one photo from fb though.

I caught the bouquet!

Oh and by the way, the title refers to the fact that I hate jet lag which usually occurs when travelling across time zones. There is no connection between the word dislike and this holiday in the States :D