Finally online!

I was more than happy to open the door for a gangster looking lad with a golden tooth, speaking slang with heavy ghetto accent yesterday morning. It was the guy from Virgin Media bringing us the luxury of an Internet connection! And he was a gentleman too. "Wow, this is like a house of models!" were his first words after seeing all the flatmates.

Last weekend we did a trip to Ikea and I've also been to Asda and Currys. It's amazing how many things you need to buy when you're moving to a new place having nothing else than two pieces of luggage with you! The only thing I'm still missing is the bloody coffee machine. Probably gonna go for the amazing quality and buy a £11.99 coffee maker from Currys. The £9.99 from Tesco's looked a bit too much like a children's toy.. The most difficult thing when shopping for household appliances and furniture and all that stuff is when you have no idea if you're buying it for a year or if it's something that you can keep for longer. Here I just don't have the option to store all my things at my parents' house to wait for the time when I need them again..

I have also got all the loyalty cards, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Boots, Superdrug, HMV, Caffè Nero... I got a loyalty card for the hairdressers too! ...and I didn't even know that would be possible. But it seems that you can collect points and be loyal for all the stores and services in this country! By the end of the year things will be free for me cause I can just use all the points I've collected, hahahah :D

To be honest, it took me a week (or two) to get settled in (though this country shouldn't even be so new to me). Carpet! On/off heating! Where's my hot water! Edible cheese, where?! And they really want you to get a landline when you already have a mobile phone, why?!

But this (Saturday!) morning I woke up earlier to watch rugby. I guess this means I'm settled in now. (Don't tell anyone though that I've been told to support Australia!)