Macarons in Clapham Common

One thing that I miss the most from Paris is the macarons. So when my flatmate found out that there's a French café around the corner, we had to go and try it out!

I took a big macaron and it was good, but not perfect. It didn't taste as fresh as it should have, hard to tell if it was done on the day or the day before. But I might be too critical cos I don't like macarons that mix the tastes and this one had chocolate filling inside and the macaron itself was some berry I think.. But my friend who had a small macaron said that it tasted really good and fresh, so I'm defo gonna go again and try the others too.

Mixing England and France, tea and a croissant.

I always manage to make a mess. This time I spilled the sugar all over me and the table.

Girls were a bit late with my birthday present, but it's was all forgiven when I unwrapped the gift. It was a "Being James Bond" book! I've always wanted to be a secret agent (not kidding, honestly!) so this book was perfect! (I think the girls had a pretty good idea of my future aspirations and yearning for danger after these few years we've known each other...) And I was happy to realise that I already have most of the skills that a wannabe jamesbond would need. I know how to ride a horse, ski, snowboard, speak languages, play texas hold 'em and order a martini shaken not stirred. I've read almost the whole book now and I think that I'm defo on the right track when it comes to becoming a jamesbond. Thank you girls!

Oh, and I'm sure that James Bond loves macarons. After all, he knows how to appreciate fine dining and good wines (and cocktails). Anybody who loves food loves a good macaron.