The notorious Brixton

I just found this video today and now that I'm a south Londoner I decided to post it for you guys as well.

This video was done like a year ago (I think), and it's interesting to see how they talk about Brixton and how it's changing. You can already see the change from the time of the filming 'til today. "They're bringing a Starbucks down the road. Seriously, honestly!" And that Starbucks is right there by the Brixton station, together with H&M and Topshop and Bodyshop on the other side of the street.

What they say about how media creates its own story around areas is so true. I'm not only talking about Brixton, but this relates to many places in Helsinki and Paris too I think.

BigTV - Reflections of Brixton from Cocoa on Vimeo.

I love the positivity in the end!

Oh, and btw, did you know that the Electric Avenue from this song is really located in Brixton?