Green Park

Uni has properly started now and I definitely know what people meant when they said postgrad will be so much more work than undergrad. And for me this is actually the first time I'm paying for education, so failing is not an option, hahah.

As the amount of reading is quite insane, I try to carry a few articles with me wherever I go. Usually I choose the simple ones for tube reading (or in this case park reading).

But as always, there's something more important to do to distract me from studying. Like trying to take a photo with self-timer and looking at the reactions of other park-goers who think we are just another weird tourist couple.

In my previous post I was telling about the heatwave, but now it's definitely autumn. A Finn is freezing and nobody is using the deckchairs at Green Park.

The reason why I happened to be passing time at Green Park was that I was waiting for my dinner date to go for a meal at Quaglino's. The food was okay, but the dessert was my favourite part of the meal - popcorn ice cream! You know the feeling when you taste something for the first time. I've never tasted popcorn ice cream before and I have to say it was amazing :P Quaglino's can be quite a pricey place to eat, but they sometimes have some nice deals if you book before hand. I had booked a Champagne Menu which was only £25.50 for three courses and a glass of champagne. Affordable.

And this is the tube stop for Quaglino's. And obviously for Green Park park as well. By the way, I've decided to start collecting photos of me with the tube signs. So basically I'll be an allyearroundtourist.