Who's your favourite actor?

Mine is Jude Law. And guess who was having red wine next to Jude Law last Friday? Yes, that would be me. Out of all the actors in the world, I happen to bump into Jude Law. Surreal. I couldn't believe it first, but after a few "tryingtoactcool" glances, I had to believe it. What can I say. I love London.

I had a very nice weekend, not only because I saw my favourite actor irl, but also because my sister and her boyfriend were visiting. After living in London for 1,5 months, I have now finally seen the sights too.

Because I've been totally starstruck throughout Friday and happy spending time with my sister the last few days, I'm quite behind on reading. This means that a proper post with more photos will be coming later (don't know when). I'll get back to my books and articles now...