Greetings from the younger version of me


Since it’s obvious that Barcelona is more fun than London I agreed with my favorite sister that I would write an entry here every now and then. Also it’s about time Mom knows what I’m up to as well! ;)

So I am “the best sister” as mentioned here couple times, Heidi. I'm studying at Stockholm University, but as much as I like it in Stockholm I wanted to enjoy some sunnier weather and hence moved to Barcelona for a year to study. So, from now on, you will hear from me from time to time, hasta luego!

Puss och kram,

Note from the editor:

As you can see, my sister is the one with American accent, but I'll try my best to continue keeping the British flag up in this blog! And I'd also like to argue with the comment "Barcelona is more fun than London", what do you think? Anyways, a bit more variety for you readers in the future! (Which is quite good now cos I've been too busy to write at all lately...)