Roadtrip: Barcelona-Andorra-Toulouse

Pikkusiskon ensimmäinen blogipostaus! En ota mitään vastuuta tästä :D

I let my little sister to invade the blog, her first blog post below!

On our first weekend back in Barcelona couple of friends and I decided to do a little road trip to France. Since some from our roadtrip group study at the Groupe ESC Toulouse, seemed Toulouse like a good destination. And because none of us had ever been to Andorra we decided to extend the trip and go there as well.

The trip was a success and we had tons of fun. At least if we don’t think about the minor mistakes like the tiny detail that we weren’t really allowed to leave the country with our rental car, or that the only person who was actually legitimate to drive that car didn’t drive because she didn’t know how to drive with the stick, or the fact that the speed control camera so nicely flashed at as when we were in France (where we weren’t supposed to be)…

All in all wonderful trip nice views, good company and fun times! Loved Andorra!!

First Stop was in Figueres on the Costa Brava. We went to see the Dali Museum… That guy really liked eggs… hence the building and other artwork.

Eggs in close-up!                                                                    ...and some nice street music

Dali’s art is very interesting.

Almost in France whoop whoop

First stop in France was in Carcassonne, the castle was awesome.

Inside the fortress there was a very yummy chocolate store

The weather in France was pretty grey and cold, nothing like in Spain :P

Finally in Toulouse! And the first snowfall for one of us!

Toulouse was fun but since the lady in the reception couldn’t mention even one place worth of visiting we decided to get back on the road already the next morning…

We stopped by Lourdes, the small pretty town famous for the “healing fountain water”

So we followed the lead touching the rock and drinking the magic water… just in case…

Then we decided to head to Andorra, should have done it earlier though, driving up those winey mountain roads in darkness wasn’t that much fun as it sounds… Also no one told us there are no highways on our route.

After couple beers in a local bar we started looking for a place to go dancing, but everything was closed… The only place open was BINGO and since they also have a bar we thought why not! But playing was mandatory… We probably drastically dropped the middle age in that place and got some nasty looks when we dared to talk to each other during the game… At 4am we decided get back to the hostel, we had nothing against these old stagers.

Shopping in Andorra is Tax-Free! Gotta love that!

And look at this wonderful soccer-momma-van!

Ps. I’m going back to Andorra next weekend, this time for skiing, new pictures coming up soon!

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