Just another sunny weekend in Barcelona

Vaihtelun vuoksi välilla taas pikkusiskon kuulumisia Barcelonasta.

The spring is here! It makes studying so difficult when you have to sit inside knowing it’s warm and sunny outside. After not so successful German exam on Friday it was finally time for the weekend again. (Thank god for the weekends!) Even though I guess I can’t really complain since I only have two more weeks school left…

On Friday we cooked dinner with couple friends of ours. After the dinner we head to my friends’ place who had invited us for a party, he had also invited every one from my class, which resulted Police stopping the party after some hours of good time. This was more than expected though.

Catalan people have no patience when it comes to their neighbors having house parties, therefore they don’t seem to have any problem with having some carnival/festival/parade thing going on pretty much every week… I mean it would be fun every now and then (how about once a year?) but waking up to this constant drumming and yelling (singing?) is not necessary every weekend if you ask me… Also trying to get from place to place becomes harder when these guys are blocking the way and you get candy thrown on your head, or alternatively dragon spurting water on you.

On Saturday we went to our favorite tapas place “Xampañería” with our friends. Not only this place have excellent tapas but they also serve the best Cava and the bottles cost only around 3 euros. The bad thing about this place is that it is not only our favorite place but pretty much every one loves it, and it is always packed and it’s almost impossible to avoid getting Cava spilled on you!

To get some air we decided to buy couple of those delicious Cava bottles with us and went to a friends place. He has a wonderful roof terrace with a nice view over the city.

Once the sun went down we moved on to my boyfriends place to play some Jenga. Followed by a night out in some bars around Plaza Real e.g. a bar that looks like a normal apartment.

We woke up early on Sunday morning to be able to enjoy the sun!

We chose this spot up on Montjüick to have picnic.

This cute friend joined us after having smelled our delicious empanadas.

We walked through a cactus garden and I run into this rare Swedish cactus species.

Even the birds were enjoying the day swimming in the pool.

Time to start the countdown for Friday again... Hasta luego!

Puss och kram