Hotels in Helsinki // Radisson Blu Plaza

Satuin asumaan kahtena peräkkäisenä viikkona Rautatientorin kupeessa Radisson Blu Plaza -hotellissa ja nyt kun nuo vierailut on tuoreessa muistissa niin ajattelin samantien vielä kertoa fiiliksiä kyseisestä hotellista. En muista tarkalleen oonko yöypynyt siellä nyt yhteensä neljä vai kolme kertaa, mutta eiköhän tässä kokemusta yhteen arvosteluun ainakin riitä.

As I promised, this "Hotels in Helsinki" will indeed be a series of posts and here comes the second part. Let's keep it short, sweet and simple as always.

Where: Helsinki, Finland
What: Radisson Blu Plaza hotel
When: several times in 2014
How much: Standard room from 152 to 260 Euros/night


+ Nicely decorated and stylish (in a basic neutral Scandinavian way)

+ Spacious rooms

+ Good room service > lots of options and restaurant open until late

+ Big and varied buffet breakfast (though some negatives, see below...)

+ You can also order an omelette to your liking

+ They have lactose free pancakes at breakfast!

+ Free Wi-Fi and the password is always the same

+ Kettle for coffee and tea in the room

+ Feels modern, clean and recently (?) furbished

+ Most of the staff is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable

+ Especially Kalle the concierge is great!

+ Possibility to borrow a yoga mat to your room (no excuse to miss the morning exercise!)

+ Right next to a park (no excuse to miss that morning run either!)

+ Iron and ironing board in every room

+ Part of Club Carlson which is one of the best programs for collecting points (I have to admit this is one of the reason it looks like I've become quite a regular here...)


- Bad filter coffee at breakfast (there is a machine for specialty coffees too though)

- The fruit and berries at breakfast are from a can (or at least feels like they are)

- There is proper fruit too though, but these are not peeled and set up nicely. I'm quite a baby when it comes to eating fruit. I want to have it in nice ready-to-eat pieces or as a fruit salad.

- The Wi-Fi doesn't work in restaurant (at least my iPad didn't find any Wi-Fi at breakfast)*

- The lobby bar is quite business-like and not so cosy

- The room has shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, but apparently the cleaners don't always pay attention when placing those in the room because last time I had two shower gels and no shampoo. And I only realized this when I was already in the shower. As I was already running a bit late I ended up going to a business meeting without washing my hair. And my colleague again had two shampoos but no shower gel.

- The shower temperature and pressure keeps on changing. And this has been the case in different rooms in different floors.*

- For some reason I've had bad luck with the taxis and have had to wait a long time for one even though the reception has booked them for me. Happened twice, could have been just bad luck.

radisson blu plaza standard room
radisson blu plaza standard room

Apologies for the photo quality. All these pictures were taken with my iPad or phone as I've been there only for quick business trips and don't usually carry a proper camera on those short visits...

radisson blu plaza room service
radisson blu plaza food

Yet to try at this hotel

  •  The Business Class and Executive Business Class rooms. (They actually have rooms with their own saunas, two of my colleagues got those last time and I was a bit jealous.)
  • The gym. Though according to their website it is very basic...
  • The omelets at breakfast. And that coffee machine. 

I am actually going there again next week, so if I realise I forgot something important or the stay feels a lot different, I promise I'll add on to this post...!

*EDIT January 2015:

Since writing this post I have stayed in this hotel 6 more times, so I thought it would be fair to add a few things:

  • Showers have been perfect and no issues with pressure or anything, I guess it was a one off thing or they took my feedback well and made a fix!
  • Internet has been working fine everywhere around the hotel, I think they put the speed up since Sep 2014 as well, who knows...!
  • I have stayed in the Business Class rooms and Suites as well, and they are super nice. You also get access to a separate lounge area which is perfect for working or just relaxing after work. In this lounge area you can also have your breakfast in a more peaceful environment, and the breakfast has some extras that the normal breakfast does not include.
  • Behind the restaurant are they have a library bar, which is a lot more cosier option when compared to the lobby bar.