Restaurants in London // Typing Room

I have to be honest with you, I find it boring to read or write about restaurants. Yet I continue doing it. It must be because I love food (mostly mangoes) so much that I tend to talk about it a lot too. And it would be extremely unfair not to share others where to find the most amazing cuisine in London! After all, even if one wanted to, one cannot be adventuring abroad every weekend. (Though that's the goal.)

This time I decided to write in English, because I want to make sure that no-one misses the message: Typing Room is an amazing restaurant!

Typing Room
What: Modern European fine dining
Where: The Old Town Hall in Bethnal Green, East London
When: January 2016

To be honest, I can't really remember the last time food has melted in my mouth like it did in Typing Room. And the way those guys put different flavours together to the most perfect combinations! 

And as I'm trying to slowly become a vegetarian, it was great to see that the 5-course meal only had one meaty part to it. 

typing room cauliflower

I myself am not a big fan of cooking (probably the reason for my surprisingly slender appearance in spite of my overt appreciation for food), and I honestly cannot comprehend how some of these dishes are made. They are so thin, fragile and tasty at the same time. 

typing room restaurant reception

Typing Room is not just delicious food. The setting in the old Town Hall in East London is pretty cool, service better than great and the open kitchen right next to you makes the experience even more authentic.

typing room bethnal green

The bill is pretty steep if you compare to your basic next-door takeaway, but well worth the money. I'm happy to pay for quality. And I was more than happy that the 5-course meal had a few surprise tasters in the middle too. My stomach would have easily welcomed 10 courses in this place. 

Anyone else been here? If you haven't you should go!